What is Taunton Trades.co.uk ?



Taunton Trades.co.uk is a local business and trade directory that is focused on providing the local people of Taunton and surrounding areas with the trades and businesses that they are searching for in a quick and simple search.

We also want to give more exposure to local businesses and help them find more customers so that their business can be a success and even grow in the local area of Taunton.


Taunton Trades is able to give local business of Taunton many options to help get noticed and found by potential customers.

We can help you get your business listed on the Taunton Trades directory, and expose details about your business to the public with a full screen page featuring your business details and what services you offer.

This is where you can really capture your customers by presenting an impressive full page of information about your business, (which can be edited at any time by the way) and even get customer reviews on there to give potential customers more confidence in choosing your service.

This is a really effective way to market your business.

As research proves a decline in people searching local papers and directory books like the yellow pages to find a service. Research finds that more and more people are turning to online local searches and this is going to continue to grow.


More benefits of marketing your business online are that even though you can have a full page as your advertisement rather than the little snippet in the paper next to all the big ads from the big companies, you can edit your listing as many times as you wish until you are happy with it.

Also, another benefit at Taunton Trades is that there is no fixed contract.

So if you find you are getting to much work coming your way, you can simply cancel your listing to slow down your customer flow and then relist when you are in need of more customers.


So let us compare how Taunton Trades could be beneficial to your advertising when it comes to marketing your business.

Imagine you wanted to put an ad in a local directory book which was going to cost you a large fee to be listed for the entire season of the book. So you now have an ad in the directory book that is probably more than likely going be a small ad next to all your other competing businesses with very limited information about your business or service that you could cram into your small space provided.

That’s it, you are now listed in the book and you can’t change a thing. This could be a problem for your business later on and here is an example why.


A local electrician wants more customers and decides to put an ad for his business in the local directory book. He paid the large fee to be in there for the year or season and that was it.

So now he has his ad in the book advertising as a local electrician. Great right?

A month down the line someone asks him to install solar panels on their roof and he does an outstanding job.

He then realises that he can make more money specialising in fitting solar panels and decides that he will now specialise in that niche.

However he is still getting calls from his ad for jobs that he would now prefer not to do.

Imagine he had an ad that he could edit and change it so that people wanting a specialist in solar panels would now find him.

All those calls would now be for someone wanting a solar panel specialist. Imagine he changed any of his contact information or had a new website for his new solar panel services.

His ad is still there as it was when he first placed it in the directory.


Taunton Trades gives you the option to edit anything on your listing profile at any time with your own personal login details so that you are in control of your listing.

At Taunton Trades we want to give our customers a great service and at a low price that any business can budget for.

We also give local businesses the option to opt out at any time so that your business is in full control of your marketing budget and so that you are not tied in to a long term contract.



What can I advertise about my business on Taunton Trades?


Here is a list of what information you can provide about your business to your potential customers on   Taunton trades.co.uk


  • Company name –  First off, Let people know about your business name.


  • Phone number – Add your business contact numbers for customers to contact you on.


  • Business address – Listing a business address can give a customer satisfaction that the business is a real business and actually exists. When you list your business address it will appear on the Taunton trades.co.uk home page map with a marker showing your business location. There will also be a map with a marker showing your location on your own listing page when customers click on to your listing.


  • Email – Give potential customers the option of emailing you if they prefer or can’t get in touch by phone.


  • Website –  A link to your business website can be added to your listing so that customers can view your business website and find more about your business. This will also help with ranking your website in search engines, resulting in being more visible to the searcher.


  • Social networking –    There will be a range of popular social network links on your listing that viewers can click on to like your business or listing and share with all the people they are connected to through social networks. (Facebook, Twitter, google+ and Youtube)  The use of social networking has proven to be a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing businesses and we are not stopping there when it come to promoting your business. On the Taunton trades.co.uk home page you will notice more social link buttons that link to our Taunton trades social network pages. We will also promote businesses through our own social network account to give even more promotion to potential customers that follow Taunton trades.co.uk


  • Photo gallery –  Why not add a photo gallery for your visitors to view images of things like your business logo, images of your previous work, showing the potential customer that you can in-fact do the job that you are listed for. Or any image you think would help promote and encourage people to choose your service.


  • Video   –   Add videos of your choice to your listing and we will add it to our Taunton trades Youtube page and then let as many people know its there through our social media followers and our blog page.


  • Description – This is where you can add as much information about your business as you can, describing your services you offer and what your customers can expect from you. The more infomation you put in this section will benefit your business and give potential customers more than what they have been looking for.


  • Reviews –  Why not ask your customers to add a review to your listing to give other customers the trust and confidence they are wanting when finding a service they are searching for. Only when someone believes you have a good reputation and are credible, will they consider doing business with you, so the more reviews you have, the more confidence it will give your new customers.



Who can use Taunton Trades ?



Anyone can use Taunton Trades.co.uk to search for a particular trade or business that is in Taunton or generally covers the area of Taunton.

Trades and businesses can be found by simply typing a search term into the search bar on the homepage or by searching through the listed categories.

Taunton Trades is a trade directory and gives trades and businesses in Taunton and surrounding areas a way of getting their business more exposure and a way for potential customers to find them.

Businesses can create a profile and add a wealth of helpful information about their business and give customers a good look at the business and the services that they offer.


Even though there is a massive incline in people turning to devices such as computers, laptops and phones to search for local services online, many businesses are still not making their business available through the internet and are missing out on the big piece of pie that is on the table for them.


There are many reasons why businesses are still not yet online and missing out on many potential customers that are searching for their service.

Some just don’t want to as their business does just fine as it is without marketing at all. Some do not want to spend the time and money trying to figure out how all this confusing internet stuff works or getting someone to do it for them.

Some get scared by all the internet talk and stuff about social media and seo and online marketing and get discouraged to make an online appearance.

One of the main reasons is because many businesses just don’t understand how powerful the internet can be when marketing their business in the right way.

To be fair, most businesses are probably spending their valuable time actually running their business rather than trying to figure out the online side of things.


  Taunton Trades wants to help!


We want to give businesses an option to get their business online with minimal effort and seen by more customers.

Whether your business already has an online presence or not, we strive to bring your business leads.

After you have created your business profile and added all your business details on there you will have a full screen page like a website page for your business ready for customers to find you.

This is an easy and very affordable way for many businesses to get an online presence or even add to their already existing presence online.

Maybe you don’t want to spend time and money getting websites made or even spend time on social media to get more people knowing about your business.


Add your business to Taunton Trades.co.uk and let us do the work for you.


Remember, we can help you advertise your business to the local area of Taunton and surrounding areas.

Not only with your business profile being on Taunton Trades but also through our network of social media accounts and our blog.

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