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Taunton Trades is able to give local business of Taunton many options to help get noticed and found by potential customers.

We can help you get your business listed on the Taunton Trades directory, and expose details about your business to the public with a full screen page featuring your business details and what services you offer.

This is where you can really capture your customers by presenting an impressive full page of information about your business, (which can be edited at any time by the way) and even get customer reviews on there to give potential customers more confidence in choosing your service.

This is a really effective way to market your business.

When you register your business for a listing on Taunton Trades, you not only get a listing page, but you will also have a one page website that you can simply add your own content and information until you have a webpage that you are satisfied with and gives your business a professional image online.
Taunton Trades
We aim to be the number one go to place when people are searching for a particular service in the Taunton area and want to give our customers more than just a listing on our directory for customers to find them on.
    Not only will your business benefit from having a business profile listing on Taunton Trades but also the extra bonuses that come with being a member of Taunton Trades.
    Here is a list of the information you will be able to share with potential customers on your listing profile page.
  •  Business Name - Lets let people know about your business name.
  •  Phone Number - Add your contact phone numbers for customers to contact you on.
  •  Business Address - Some businesses prefer not to list an address if they either work from home or are self employed and don't want to give out their home address which is absolutely fine, but in some cases a potential customer might prefer to see an address listed as this may give them more confidence and satisfaction that it is a real business and that it actually exists.(something to think about). A marker on a map showing your location will be visible on your profile page with a button that allows the searcher to get directions if required.
  •  Email - Give potential customers the option of emailing you if they prefer or cannot get through by phone.
  • Website - A link to your business website can be added to your listing so that customers can view your business website and find out more about your business. This will also help with ranking your website in search engines, resulting in being more visible to the searcher.
  •  Social Networks - There will be a range of popular social network links on your listing that viewers can click on to like your business or listing and share with all the people they are connected to through social networks. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube) The use of social networking has proven to be a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing businesses online.
  •  Photo Gallery - Why not add a photo gallery for your visitors to view images of things like your business logo, images of your previous work completed, your business at work or any image you think would help promote and encourage people to choose your service. Ever heard the phrase, A picture is worth a thousand words? It could be great pictures that help sell your service to a potential customer.
  •  Video - Add videos of your choice to your listing. If a picture is worth a thousand words then can you imagine what a video could do for your business profile? A simple video or slideshow that lasts only thirty seconds could also make a huge difference.
  •  Description - This is where you can add as much information about your business as you would like to, Describing your services you offer and what your customers can expect from you. The more information you put in this section will benefit your business and give potential customers more than what they have been looking for.
  •  Customer Reviews - Why not ask your customers to add a review to your listing to give other customers the trust and confidence they are wanting when finding a service they are searching for. Only when someone believes you have a good reputation and are credible, will they consider doing business with you, so the more reviews you have, the more chance you will have of gaining a new customer.
Want More?

We want to give your business even more exposure in more than one way.

    When your business becomes a member of Taunton Trades we are going to do more than just list your business.
    Taunton Trades has its own social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube.
    We also have a blog that we will use to let people know about your business and it can now be found on Taunton Trades.
    Putting a blog post out about your business can catch more customers in the search engines and provide more links to your listing page.
    We will then post the message out on our social media pages to give even more exposure to more customers, and post your video on our Youtube channel with a link to take customers to your listing page.

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